Mindbridge University FostersTalent Development

A career with Mindbridge comes with the promise of long -term career growth. Mindbridge meets this promise through a strong focus on the professional growth of employees through Mindbridge University.

Education and training of our human resource are the key components to success in the outsourcing industry. Mindbridge takes pride in the development of proprietary training systems that are unmatched in the industry. We offer all employees an opportunity to enroll at the Mindbridge University in the area of their choice free of cost. There are five certification paths to choose from including Operations, Training, Business Intelligence, Quality, and Marketing. Each path has three levels of achievement depending on the time spent, courses taken, and exams passed.

At Mindbridge, our learning and development programs are oriented towards creating and building resources and tools that enhance the professional, technical, and management capabilities of our employee base. In addition, every individual is hired with a clearly defined need, job profile, and career path in place. This ensures that your growth path through the company is determined by your passion for growth.

Based on the skill sets of individuals, Mindbridge encourages both vertical and lateral growth. Our career opportunities are among the best in the industry in terms of growth, compensation, and rewards.

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