More than WORKLife at Mindbridge

Professional life at Mindbridge is balanced by a world of activities that stretch beyond work. Activities such as company picnics, Olympics Day, Football League, Cricket League, talent day and off-site meetings are conducted on a regular basis - giving employees an opportunity to unwind and bond.

We make it a point to give back to the community. Every year we help one of the largest hospitals to raise funds. We also have a quota of over 100 jobs where we appoint people who have been unemployed for more than a year.

Employees are encouraged to get together through initiatives like the music band, cricket team, and another social events. Special days are celebrated at work - with colleagues joining in to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, national day, and other festivals.

We also offer in-house entertainment to our employees. Our state of the art gym, movie theatre, and other games and activities allow employees to unwind and recharge themselves for the day to day challenges of the workplace.

Calendar of Events at Mindbridge

There is a special activity planned for each month. Each activity is championed and lead by a member of the staff. This person becomes the chair of the event and constitutes a committee to help them organize the event and manage it. This exercise not only allows life at Mindbridge to flourish with fun activities, but also offers employees the opportunity to develop organizational skills, communication skills, and management skills.

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